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Crown Hills-Ballard Psychic is home to Seattle, Washington's premier psychic, Gina. Gina has provided Seattle with insight to their lives for over 20 years and has developed a reputation of accuracy within the community. Gina's ancestors descend from Argentina which is in the center of the founding of Umbanda, which has many ties from Catholicism and psychic bases. Gina did not learn her gift from reading books but by inheriting and honing her talent over years of practice.
When you walk into Crown Hills-Ballard Psychic, you are entering a comfortable and judgment free zone. All of our readings are completely private so you can be sure that your story is only yours to know.

Our Store

Crown Hills-Ballard Psychic offers many items in our shop that allow you to not only hone your own abilities, but to also help you meditate and reflect on your life every day to achieve balance and well-being. Some of our items include:
Bath Salts
Essential Oils
And many more
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